Tailored services are provided to each insurance company based on its specific needs. The services include: (MORE ABOUT):

  • Registering events: SMART Contact Centre registers reports on events 24×7. Consultants specialising in the area of insurance claims advise customers with much higher quality than administrators at general contact centres. We may arrange a prompt survey (inspection), property salvage and assistance. Assistance is also provided on public holidays and days off; overflow at the Contact Centre may be redirected.
  • Survey of damaged property. A survey is carried out in 1-3 days at the site indicated by the policyholder or an aggrieved party, and a statement of inspection of damaged property is recorded, damaged areas are photographed. A prompt survey may be arranged, and it is usually carried out in 2-4 hours.
  • Claim investigation. A document-based analysis of an insurance matter is carried out, enquiries are sent to competent institutions, manufacturers, representatives or other related persons. The site of the event/incident is inspected, the nature and compatibility of damage is investigated, and cooperation with other insurers, etc. is maintained.
  • Estimating extent of loss and insurance indemnity. The property value before the event is determined, costs for reconstruction (repair) are calculated applying specialised software (AUDATEX, SISTELA, etc.).
  • Solution is provided regarding payment/non-payment, or reduction of insurance indemnity.
  • Access to SMART CRM enables on-line monitoring of claim handling process, viewing/downloading/uploading documents and photos, communicating directly to the persons in charge.
  • Prompt arrangement of damage mitigation 24×7: removal of property, dehumidifying, specialised cleaning, etc.
  • Real estate repairs: from minor works to full reconstruction of buildings.
  • Identifying and recording defects of household appliances, their repairs.
  • Sale of damaged property.