Full representation of interests in handling claims: from managing the claim flow to a specific service based on needs:

  • Registering events: SMART Contact Centre registers reports on events 24×7. Consultants specialising in the area of insurance claims advise on further steps to be taken after the event. We may arrange a prompt survey (inspection), property salvage and assistance in the EU and other territories. Assistance is also provided on public holidays and days off.
  • Recording loss due to damaged property. A prompt survey may be arranged, and it is usually carried out in 2-4 hours. A detailed report is provided.
  • Claim handling. All the documents necessary for the insurance company are collected and submitted.
  • Estimating extent of loss and insurance indemnity. The property value before the event is determined, costs for reconstruction (repair) are calculated applying specialised software (AUDATEX, SISTELA, etc.), and the net book value of the property is calculated/determined.
  • Services of an independent motor loss adjuster.
  • Access to SMART CRM enables on-line monitoring of claim handling process, viewing/downloading/uploading documents and photos, communicating directly to the persons in charge.
  • Prompt arrangement of damage mitigation 24×7: removal of property, dehumidifying, specialised cleaning, etc.
  • Real estate repairs: from minor works to full reconstruction of buildings.